Chow’s On Us!

Chow's On Us is a group service project to provide a meal that recharges our moms with the energy they need to blaze new trails for their families. Get to know Seton Home in the casual, laid-back setting of our Cottage's kitchen where young moms are encouraged to build the skills which promote lifelong self-sufficiency.

We hope that your meal will include the following:

  • Main dish - Introduce our families to another part of the world, or grill burgers - it's up to you!
  • Side dish - Salad, chips or cooked veggies - anything goes!
  • Dessert - A treat of any kind will bring a smile to their faces.
  • Beverages - Bottled H2O keeps our families hydrated. Juice boxes can be substituted for water. *No sodas please.

Plan to serve 60 adults on your evening of service. Volunteer teams may arrive at an agreed upon time to either cook or prep the meal for the evening. We ask that teams provide between 6 - 12 volunteers to serve the meal. Clean-up after the meal is facilitated by all parties involved; volunteers, residents and Seton Home staff. Though we will gladly accept donations of paper goods and cleaning supplies, we have them on hand; paper plates, disposable cups and napkins.

We're Ready to Cook!

Thank you for taking the time to complete the application and for choosing to support Seton Home and the teen moms and babies we serve! You will hear back within 5 business days regarding your volunteer opportunity.