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Academic and Vocational Education is a major priority of Seton Home, as data shows 70% of teens drop out of school after becoming pregnant.

Academic lesbian porn and Vocational Education is a priority for our teens. All students are enrolled in an academic environment that best suits their needs. This includes, credit-recovery programs, GED programs, college or vocational programs. Credit recovery allows our teens to get on the appropriate educational track, and in some cases, accelerate their education progress. Job and Career Development Planning allows the our young moms to attain higher education or career training. This also allows for setting and achieving realistic vocational and educational goals.

Parenting Education hot milfs and Infant and Child Development works to reverse destructive parenting patterns that typify our teens' childhoods and replace them with positive attitudes and nurturing parenting skills. Seton Home teens participate in the Precious Seton Home residents participate in the Precious Minds New Connections Program, funded by the Kronkosky Foundation, which is composed of 20 weeks of group class and weekly individual parenting sessions.Minds New Connections Program, funded by the Kronkosky Foundation, which is composed of 12 weeks of group class lesbian videos and weekly individual parenting sessions. Parenting topics include empathy, appropriate discipline, redirection, self-esteem, respect and empowering children.

Independent Living Skills Education is taught by Seton Home's Residential instructors, who provide 24-hour care and supervision to our teens and infants. Teaching includes housekeeping, nutrition, menu planning and cooking, personal and child health care, personal hygiene, household budgeting and utilizing community resources.